Lunch Time at KWC

It’s almost lunch time at Ken Wright Cellars, and a savory smell from the winery kitchen is wafting up the stairwell to the office and through the alley ways of the barrels in the cellar. If good weather permits, chairs are set up in a circle underneath the canopy of Wisteria in front of the winery.  Then, the staff hears the phrase “lunch is ready!” being called out from the chef in the kitchen. We all eagerly form a line and dish up, and eat together as a group outside. This is a daily routine here at the winery.

Karen cooking up some beef on the EVO!

The chef who has prepared our food is none other than Karen Wright. Karen once played a large role in helping Ken run the business in its earlier years. Then as the company grew, and Ken and Karen’s family grew to include their two girls, Josie and Evy, Karen decided to concentrate on raising their girls, her own jewelry business, and other community organizations she is involved in. However, Karen still wanted to contribute to the winery. So, she began preparing meals for the whole working staff every day.

Now when you think of lunch time at work you might be en-visioning a typical brown bag lunch, with a cold sandwich, chips and a beverage. This is certainly not what is on the menu when Karen is the kitchen. She cooks a wide variety of dishes ranging from Italian, Mexican, BBQ, & seafood for example. She concentrates on cooking with local and seasonal ingredients.  The meat is usually sourced from Carlton Farms, or from market animals they have purchased from local youth involved in 4-H or FFA. Now for her source of produce and fresh herbs, she simply has to walk across the street to her raised beds located behind our tasting room. These beds are filled with fresh tomatoes, kale, beans, zucchinis, and many other vegetables.  These beds also provide food to the local food bank, Joseph Storehouse, during the summer.

We all feel very privileged at KWC to have our lunch time meals provided by Ken and Karen. It is a time we all look forward to each day.

Ken Wright Cellars Internship

As many of you know Ken Wright has been very involved in getting the new viticulture program started at Yamhill-Carlton high school. In conjunction with this new program Ken Wright has worked closely with Y-C  Agriculture Science and Technology instructor, Nichole Eskelsen, to offer a summer internship program for the students of Y-C. The internship is offered to students who are directly involved in the viticulture class and tending the newly planted onsite school pinot noir vineyard. In order to keep students involved in agricultural education and viticulture in their summer months off, the KWC internship provides that learning opportunity. We have 14 interns this summer: Kaylie Boschma, Kat Cline, JJ Frank,  Darrion Gering, Victoria Horlyk, Sam Kounz, Tamera McKenzie, Nicole Olson, Orrin Ouska, Nathan Pauve, Megan Sauers, Evan Shultz, Ashley VanDeWalle, and Conner Weidner.

KWC Interns