Establishing A Solid Foundation For A Healthy Vineyard

As we begin to finish pruning various vineyards, we then mulch up last year’s cane with a heavy flail or cane flail. This speeds up the breakdown process and helps incorporate organic matter back into the soil. It also helps clear the way (literally… due to the high volume of cane it is troublesome to operate any machinery in rows until the cane is broken down) for the next steps in our vineyards which are composting and adding other amendments such as calcium, phosphorous and potassium. Seth Miller, one of our Vineyard Managers, kindly provided some photos of this process.

The first picture is of a row with cane gathered in it.

The next two are of loading compost and an example of the spreader.

The last one is of a row that has been flailed and then given a sufficient dressing of compost. This row will next be limed and in the late spring will be disced into the soil and replanted with a cover crop.














In doing these things we are establishing a solid foundation for a healthy vineyard. Plants with good health and vigor balance are better able to resist disease and ripen fruit. There is also a correlation with nutrition levels and the ability to properly ferment after harvest in the winery. In other words, the yeast works better when the fruit is healthy.


2013 Company Pruning Day

On a crisp and foggy January morning in Yamhill and Carlton, the Ken Wright Cellars
staff is up early sporting their Carhart jackets, boots, hats, and pruning clippers. They
are gathered at the company block at the Savoya vineyard above Yamhill for the annual company pruning day. Ken Wright and the company staff realize the importance of understanding all components of the wine industry and that includes quality vineyard management. In addition to the learning component, it is also an opportunity for the company to come together and celebrate what the new year has in store for KWC!