Video: Our Philosophy of Wine Making

Please enjoy a recently produced video on Ken Wright Cellars philosophy of wine making. We celebrate the ability of grapes and the miracle of pinot noir. Take pleasure in getting viscerally connected to Yamhill/Carlton County through our wine. ¡Salud! and let us know how you where first connected to KWCellars wine, comment below.

Statewide Crop Load Project:

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Seth Miller and Mark Gould, our dedicated Vineyard Managers are busy taking cluster weights and flagging vines for the Statewide Crop Load Project, a thinning trial we are participating in with Oregon State University. This trial is a statewide grower-centered research trial coordinated through the OSU Viticulture Program. The project is proposed for the next ten years and is designed to gather regional data to better define vine balance metrics such as yield and canopy size for producing Oregon Pinot Noir.

We are using two blocks, one at McCrone Vineyard and one at Carter Vineyard. The trial is to see how weights influence wine quality. Ken Wright Cellars is running 3 trials per vineyard. 10 rows that have had 3rd clusters and wings removed, 10 rows that alternate 2 clusters per shoot/ 1 cluster per shoot and 10 rows that have been thinned to 1 cluster per shoot.