Ken’s 2018 Harvest Letter


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        Harvest Letter 2018 10.20.2018 Dear friends and lovers of Oregon Pinot noir, Two years ago, I made my first sales trip to China. My expectation was that I would be explaining where Oregon was in this … Continue reading

History of Freedom Hill Vineyard


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History in the Vineyards, A Genesis Tour of Ken Wright Cellars Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Sites & Sources By Jim Gullo Vineyard Focus: Freedom Hill Vineyard Purchase Wine One hundred and forty years of history allow for considerable hindsight, and … Continue reading

Ken’s 2015 Harvest Letter


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October 31st, 2015 Dear Friends, We have been blessed with receiving quite fortunate press over the last year. The cover of Wine Spectator last May, with the accompanying in depth article by Harvey Steiman, brought well deserved international attention to … Continue reading

Ken’s 2014 Harvest Letter


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Audio Version: 2014 Harvest Letter November 4, 2014 Dear Friends,     We produced the # 1 wine on the planet per Wine Enthusiast this year, but please read on…      As those who live here know, we experienced one … Continue reading

Capturing Lani’Koa

As many of you know, Ken’s sister in law, Susan Crum, is going into the Falconry
business. This is the best practice for bird control in vineyards. Ken Wright Cellars started using this method for the 2012 harvest, and hopes to use Susan and her bird for upcoming harvests. Susan has provided us with her unique story of how she captured her falcon.

Picture courtesy of Susan Crum

According to Susan, “On Oct. 5th, after three months of trapping attempts, a juvenile female American Kestrel was trapped from a clover field on Yamhill Road, just outside Carlton. I know this female, named Lani’Koa (Hawaiian for “Sky Warrior”) is a brave hunter because I saw her chase off two Harriens from the vicinity of my traps (ball and chain with mice inside) just moments before she was snared. Trapped at a weight of 118 grams (4.16 oz), Lani’ is taming down and starting her training to return to free flight.”