History of McCrone Vineyard


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History in the Vineyards, A Genesis Tour of Ken Wright Cellars Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Sites & Sources By Jim Gullo Vineyard Focus: McCrone Vineyard Purchase Wine In the autumn of 1979, shortly after Don and Carol McCrone moved to … Continue reading

History of Hirschy Vineyard


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History in the Vineyards, A Genesis Tour of Ken Wright Cellars Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Sites & Sources By Jim Gullo Vineyard Focus: Hirschy Vineyard Purchase Wine  *Hirschy is currently only available as 2016 Futures We Require a Minimum of a … Continue reading

2016 Company Pruning Day at Savoya Vineyard


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The sun peaked out for our annual company pruning day on Monday Feb. 22nd at Savoya Vineyard! The four essential steps to pruning a vine are as follows: 1) Access the plant & decide what you want to leave for … Continue reading

2014 Company Pruning Day

It’s that time of year again. The vineyards are busy with workers pruning and preparing for this year’s growing season. The KWC staff is not exempt from this hard work. On March 21st all KWC employees met at the Savoya vineyard to prune the company block. After a hearty meal, a few sips of bourbon and a quick tutorial from vineyard managers Mark Gould, Taylor Varuska and Seth Miller the company set out with clippers in hand. The company spent the sunny afternoon making thoughtful cuts, pulling old brush from the trellis system and then tipping and tying the new cane to the wire.

Chemeketa & Yamhill-Carlton High School Viticulture Video

Click on the picture below to watch a new video on the Chemeketa and Yamhill Carlton High Shool Viticulture Program!

Chemeketa and Yamhill Carlton High School Viticulture Program



2014 Augustan Producer Tour


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Last month Ken had the honor to be a part of the 2014 Augustan Producer Tour in Florida. This tour was a unique tasting experience where customers were able to interact with winery founders and winemakers and taste hundreds of … Continue reading

Ken Wright Cellars Internship

As many of you know Ken Wright has been very involved in getting the new viticulture program started at Yamhill-Carlton high school. In conjunction with this new program Ken Wright has worked closely with Y-C  Agriculture Science and Technology instructor, Nichole Eskelsen, to offer a summer internship program for the students of Y-C. The internship is offered to students who are directly involved in the viticulture class and tending the newly planted onsite school pinot noir vineyard. In order to keep students involved in agricultural education and viticulture in their summer months off, the KWC internship provides that learning opportunity. We have 14 interns this summer: Kaylie Boschma, Kat Cline, JJ Frank,  Darrion Gering, Victoria Horlyk, Sam Kounz, Tamera McKenzie, Nicole Olson, Orrin Ouska, Nathan Pauve, Megan Sauers, Evan Shultz, Ashley VanDeWalle, and Conner Weidner.

KWC Interns


Abbott Claim Vineyard Update

Visual of height development from 2011, 2012, and 2013 created by Mark Gould.

This year we have seen a significant difference in the amount of shoot growth in our Pinot noir vineyards. According to Ken Wright and vineyard manager Mark Gould, this is the most shoot growth they have seen this early in the growing season ever! Mark & Ken have kept close records on what happens in the vineyards from year to year. According to their records for Abbott Claim, on May 18th, 2011 total height was 4 inches, on May 18th, 2012 the total height was 12 inches, but this year on May 18th the shoots measured 22.5 inches! This early development has been a product of the incredible weather we have had this spring, and early bud break.  Ken is predicting that harvest could happen as early as mid-September this year. We are all very excited to see what the rest of this year has in store!